About me

Iris Epple 

In my life, I have had to overcome several challenges and difficult times. Not least of all my migraines, which have accompanied me since childhood. Additionally, I suffered from several severe allergies and food intolerances. 

Over the years I have learned and developed many different methods and tools that helped me to greatly improve or heal these allergies and intolerances. Also, I managed to achieve a state of health where my migraines hardly affect me anymore in my everyday life. Among other things, I have transformed my inner attitude towards life and I have changed my lifestyle where self-care as well as mindfulness play an important role.

I would like to inspire you to also set out on the path of healing. To believe in yourself and the magic of life again, and to bring back your sparkle. 

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The name

What does iridescentblomma mean?

My name - Iris - has two main meanings, one is the lily (flower) and the other one is the rainbow. These two meanings are also reflected in iridescentblomma. "Blomma" is Swedish and means flower and "iridescent" means 'shimmer/glisten in the colours of the rainbow'.


My personality and my world are as colorful as a rainbow and I would like to share that with you. I would like to show you how wonderful life is, that every moment is full of wonder, full of magic and that we can be thankful for every new day - despite and especially with challenges and physical or mental pain.


I want to help you blossom like a flower and shine in all your rainbow colours.

Are you ready to blossom?

A matter of the heart

My vision

A healthy migraine-free life for everyone!


I truly believe that every migraine is curable. However complex and multifaceted the causes may be, I am convinced that there is an individual solution for everyone. 


I have dedicated my life to developing a method that allows anyone to heal. 


Education & Qualifications




Christophorus Gymnasium Altensteig



Bachelor of Arts

General and Comparative Linguistics & German Philology 

University of Regensburg



Master of Arts

Language Technology

University of Gothenburg



Professional Certification

Life Coaching

Transformation Academy

USA (online)




Migraine Cure

Develop a method to heal anyone from migraines with an individual process. Expand individual coaching and online courses.

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