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Migraines from a holistic perspective

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Holistic approaches always consider the whole human – body, mind, and spirit – when treating a disease. The same applies to migraines. We cannot just take that one specific body part and treat it in isolation by avoiding triggers or taking prophylaxis drugs. We need to look at the big picture and find the underlying causes.

A little warning lamp

Have you ever driven your car and out of a sudden a little red warning lamp lit up? What did you do? I guess you did not just take a piece of tape and covered it up. Nor did you remove the little light bulb or stopped driving altogether. Am I right? Most likely you went to a mechanic and asked him to look for the reason why this little lamp lights up, and then to fix that problem.

This metaphor by Rüdiger Dahlke, an Austrian Physician, illustrates very nicely how I think we should treat migraines. As a little warning lamp that something on a deeper level is not right. And the only way to stop the warning lamp to light up – or the headaches to occur – is to find the underlying issue and fix it. We cannot just try to suppress the symptoms by avoiding the so-called “triggers” or taking prophylaxis drugs.

The weakest link in the chain

Let me take another picture. You can imagine our body as a chain. When the force on that chain becomes too strong, the chain breaks on its weakest link. And for us migraineurs it is the head that starts throbbing. Well, you can strengthen that specific link in the chain by medication-based prophylaxis or non-drug approaches, but ultimately the chain will break somewhere else.

So, what we need to do is to look at a deeper level and find the underlying factors – physical and non-physical – that cause that force and pressure in the first place.

What are the possible root causes of migraines?

There are almost as many possible reasons for migraines as there are migraineurs, and very often it is a combination of multiple reasons. So, here are some of the causes I have found so far:

  • unhealthy lifestyle in general

  • not leading a life according to one’s true self (e.g. unrecognized highly sensitivity, suppressed introversion)

  • poor diet (including food intolerances)

  • external or internal stress

  • muscle tensions

  • poor sleep hygiene

  • hormonal imbalance (menstrual migraines)

  • suppressing one’s female energy and cyclic life

  • overtaxing oneself (take too little breaks, perfectionism)

  • difficulties setting boundaries

  • unhealed memories or trauma (even transgenerational)

  • blocked energy (creative, sexual, or motion energy)

You see, there are many possible reasons, some closely related and some highly diverse. If some of these topics caused question marks or frowns, don’t worry. I will talk about them in detail – and many others that I will come across during my research – in upcoming blog posts.


Migraines are “just” a symptom of one or several issues on a deeper level.
We need to find the underlying reasons on a physical, mental and spiritual/energetic level.
We need a minset shift: restore health instead of fighting disease.

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